Q & A

Who is Kadi Outdoor?

Kadi Outdoor is a shop specialized in selling all camping necessities.

How could I register in Kadi Outdoor?

You can register with us through a new customer registration page.

Do I have to register to complete my purchase?

No, you can complete your purchase as a guest. However, you may want to register with us to follow up on your order and to facilitate the order process next time.

What are the available payment methods in Kadi Outdoor?

We offer a range of payment methods, including: - Direct Bank Transfer. The customer will receive the Bank account details during the checkout process. - Credit Cards, Made Cards, and Apple Pay powered by MyFatoorah. - Installment powered by Tabby.

What is the next step after payment?

We will start the process of packaging and shipping, where the process takes three to seven business days. The process will take seven to ten business days on the discounts and offers days.

What happens if the product is unavailable after the purchase is completed?

In sporadic cases, the demand may conflict with the actual inventory. In this case, an official email will be sent to the customer to inform him, and he will have the option to change the product or be refunded.

Are there any taxes on my purchases through Kadi Outdoor?

According to Saudi Arabia's Tax Law, VAT (15%) will be applied to the purchasing invoice.

What shall I do if I placed an order but received the wrong product?

Kadi Outdoor will be responsible for the cost of returning the product, and the customer will have the choice either by returning the money to his account or by sending the requested product with free shipping.

Does the store has a return and exchange service?

Yes, all products are subject to return/exchange within 14 day from purchasing.

How long may it take for a money refund?

Usually, the process takes between 10 to 14 business days.

Do I afford any costs if I want to return the product?

Yes, the shipping cost will be included and deducted from the total invoice value if there is a refund.

I completed my purchase but did not receive my invoice through email. Is there something wrong?

If you do not find the email in your inbox, we recommend you check the Junk mail. If you do not see it, please email us at

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